Bachelorette Party Drinks - Extra #3 - Making Jello Shots:

Bachelorette Party attendees seem to love Jello Shots. Even the most timid person will try them and at 1/2 of a shot of vodka per jello shot, they pack a punch without killing anyone. Here is how to make them.

Extra #3 - How To Make Jello Shots. Making Jello Shots is easy, this page will show you how. Start with the items above. Vodka, Jell-O. You will also need a sauce pan and some 3 jello shot molds. I like raspberry, black cherry, lemon, or lime jello because they seem to hide the vodka flavor best.
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Add the jello to one cup of water and dissolve in a pan. Get the water to about boiling and dissolve the jello powder for 2 minutes.

Turn off the heat. Now add 1 cup of vodka to the jello/water mixture.

Pour the mixture into some jello molds or small cups. We used the Penis Jello Molds from as well as some race car molds for Tom's upcoming Nascar race party. I don't know if Nascar fans like jello shots, but Tom says they probably will eat them. One pack of Jello Shots filled three molds. Each jello shot has about as much alcohol as one shot glass full of vodka.
In order to get your jello shots out of the mold, pour hot tap water into a pan. Here I am using a glass baking pan. Place the molds in the hot water and time it for 1:15. That is one minute fifteen seconds. After that amount of time, you should be able to get the jello out of the molds. If they don't come out right away, drag a finger accross the top of the jello and they whole thing will probably slip right out. Try to release them right over a plate. If they fall too far, they may break.
Here are some jello shots out of the mold. You can put the plate back in the fridge and those penises will solidify again really quickly. Then you can line them up any way you want.
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